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5th / 6th January 2018

Learn to produce inspiring videos that help you reaching your goals, using any camera!

Can't make it to Chiang Mai in January?

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Next Workshop:

5th / 6th January 2018

Learn to produce inspiring videos that help you reaching your goals, using any camera!

Can't make it to Chiang Mai in January?

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You are...

... freelancer or planning a StartUp? Maybe you already started recording videos for YouTube or Facebook and aren't satisfied with the results yet. Or you don't know how to get started in producing videos at all.


In this Workshop...

... you will learn to produce inspiring videos from scratch. We'll not only sit in a room and talk about video production but actually go out and bring to bear, what you learned. You can work with any camera. Yes, even with your smartphone you can produce amazing videos, if you know, how!

Inexpensive additional gear...

... you can use to get the shots just as you want, will be presented during the workshop. You can try out everything, so you don't wast money on gear you never use in the end. You will learn, step by step, what type of shots you need for what kind of video and how to put them together in post-production for the best results.

Corporate film, YouTube video, welcome video

I tested and improved my practice-oriented 3-type-video concept in multiple workshops all over the world.

With this I was able to optimise the Workshop in a way that makes me able to  teach you everything you need to produce professional videos in just a weekend.

Make the most of your video

You will learn simple tricks to get more of your footage and to reach this professional look you want for your productions.

Do not waste your time on producing bad videos which will not bring you forward. Sign up for a workshop!

Your instructor - Jannis Riebschläger

Hey, I am Jannis!

I'm video producer and travel junkie. Movies always fascinated me. In 2015 then I started my adventure: Can I make it to the cinema by creating an engaging movie with the simplest of tools and without any previous knowledge of film business?

Since then, my film Hyperborea got screened in about 40 Cinemas all over Germany and I produced dozens of corporate films and commercials for companies around the world.

In my workshop I want to share this knowledge I gained with you.

In this workshop you will learn

  • how to capture impressive angels even with simple equipment.
  • how to create a professional look for your video in the post-production.
  • how to structure and edit all important types of promotional videos.
  • how to reach your business goals with the help of videos.


Jungle Hub, K. Kaikanya, 140/5 Bamrung Raj Soi 4, T. Wat Ket A Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand


Day 1 Fri 05.01.2018

9 AM
- Meeting at Jungle Hub
- Setting goals
- Defining audience
- 3-Type-Video-Concept
- Recording Audio
- Using natural light
- Three-Point-Lighting
- Background
- Framing
- Storytelling
- Writing narration
- Camera settings
- Building groups

Lunch Break

- Speaking clear in front of the camera
- Getting the flirt with the camera
- Warm up
- Recording talking head video (group work)
- Introduction to Action Shots
- Framing, shot rules, movement
- 5-Shot-Rule
- Creating a Shotlist
- Helpful gear for Action Shots
- Filming yourself
- Introduction to Beauty Shots
- Suspended Reality
- Playing with light
- Playing with time


4:45 PM
- Meeting at Tha Phae Gate
- Creating Beauty Shots

End 6:15 PM

End Day in Bar (Zoe in Yellow)

Day 2 Sat 06.01.2018

10 AM
- Meeting at Tha Phae Gate
- Creating Action Shots from Shot list


1 PM
- Meeting at Jungle Hub
- Preparing post-production
- Starting a new project in Final Cut
- Importing media
- Project settings and aspect ratio
- Different looks
- Putting together audio and video
- Editing talking head sequences
- Making cuts invisible
- Music licenses and free music
- Editing action sequences
- Butting shots in the right order
- Building a story line with continuity
- Editing beauty sequences
- Using transitions
- Adding titles
- Sound desing
- Resources for free sounds
- Color correction
- Color grading
- Choosing the right export format
- Review of the videos
- How to reach perfection

End about 5:30 PM

End Day with dinner (place to be discussed)


You want to give me some feedback? Just send me a message at 'kontakt (at) easy-movie-school (punkt) de'.

Tim Chimoy

"Jannis proved his expertise in video production multiple times while working with him. What I like about his workshops is how he structured his knowledge. This makes it easy to take first steps in video production.

Have a look at it!"

Demian Grimm

"I have looked for a workshop like this. I always saw these perfect looking videos on YouTube but never thought I could produce something like that by myself.
During the course, I learned how to catch the best record, how post-production works, how to find the best way to cut and to add and edit sound and colour. Now the time has come for my big movie project!

Thank you for this workshop, Jannis!"

Marcus Breitfeld

"I always was interested in video somehow. Now I’m travelling with my van and producing a huge documentary on it.
To make it look really professional in the end, I wanted to dive deeper into video production but had no clue where and how to start with. To take this workshop was the best choice I could have made. It is kind of a step by step plan.
When I'm now planning a new trailer for my video, I just have a look at my bullet points  and already get all tools and techniques I need.

Clear recommendation!"

Kerstin Goldstein

"I just booked the workshop recently. For some time I already have been planning on producing trainer videos for my coaching business, but was always facing the typical problems: Where do I start? How does it work with the camera? What do I have to do? And how do I edit the whole thing in the end? For a long time I kept on postponing the videos again and again, but in the end I joined it the workshop.

It was fun, easy to understand, the exercises are great and I was able to directly implemented what I learned.
Meanwhile, my first videos are online and I already got my first two participants through them.

Highly recommend this workshop!"

Lena Siebert

"Very good concept, also really understandable explanation for complete beginners!
Jannis talks clear and his workshop is well structured and easy to follow. From a training on how to talk infront of the camera to resources for free music, everything is included. This workshop motivates to start straight away!
I am already excited to try all these tips and tricks in my future videos.

This workshop is totally worth it!

Vladimir Kusnezow

"Jannis helped me to get out the last 20% of my smartphone-, microphone- and light settings! At the first sight, nobody would guess these videos were recorded with an iPhone!
Totally recommended!
Thank you very much!"

Marcus Walter

"I am super enthusiastic about this Workshop!"

Jannis is doing this very professional. He is helping wherever he can, is sharing his knowledge in a super easy understandable way and with great enthusiasm.
As smartphone photographer, I want to produce more and more videos with my iPhone as well.
For this, I really value your tips. Thank you!

Best, Marcus"


Do I need some basic knowledge to take part in the workshop?

No! In the workshop I will guide from the very first planning to the finished video step by step.

What budged do I have to invest in gear after the course?

For most demands around 150€ should be enough.

What do I need to bring?

You need any camera (Smartphone is enough). We will edit in Final Cut, so if you have a Macbook already, you might want to purchase Final Cut Pro X. For the very basics, iMovie works aswell, but some functions are missing.
Also I recommend to bring an external harddrive, as videos take up the space on your laptop quickly.
We will work on the videos in groups, so not everyone needs a Macbook.

Is it possible to stay in touch and practise with other participants after the workshop?

Yes! For this matter a facebook group will be created.

I already work with another editing program and don't want to change to Final Cut. Is the workshop still useful for me?

Shure thing! The techniques you will learn, can be used in every professional editing software.

Will I get an invoice?


I already have a great camera. Could this workshop still be interesting to me?

Yes! The workshop is about producing better videos with ANY camera and will also show the advantages and disadvantages of different types of camera. But as I can't know the menu structure of every camera, you should familiarize with your camera and settings beforehand.

In case you really don't know what to do with my Easy movie  School, you have the right to give it back during 60 days.

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